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Old School RuneScape has a numerous variety of items it offers to players. Some are better, some are worse, and they all have their own niche. While there are tons of OSRS items a handful of them have become iconic. Some are status symbols while others provide good stats. In this blog post, we will be discussing an item that could easily make its way into either of those categories: the Infernal cape.
How do you get to Inferno?
Infernal Cape is a must-have for any player striving for greatness. To be rewarded the Infernal Cape a player must complete the Inferno minigame. To begin the minigame, you must first acquire a Fire cape, which is a lower-tier version of the Infernal cape, and give it to TzHaar-Ket-Keh. This is a one-time cost as TzHaar-Ket-Keh will not ask you for more Fire Capes on multiple visits to the Inferno.
Infernal cape provides the best all-round stats for melee-oriented characters and only a couple of other items can be used instead of it and that only on very specific conditions.
Preparing for Inferno
Inferno minigame is one of the hardest if not THE hardest solo PvM challenges in OSRS. As such, brave adventurers must also be smart and bring sufficient supplies to the battle ahead. Recommended setup:
Ancient magicks
Long-range weapon
11 Super restores
7 Saradomin brews
2 Ranging potions
1 Stamina potion
Make sure to use the best gear available to you and don’t forget to take your tactics into account and prepare accordingly (you might need different potions, for example). You will need to use prayer-flicking a lot, so make sure you are familiar with the technique and take time to practice.
Inferno Layout
The Inferno is a hellish place, yet strangely neat and not at all as chaotic as you would expect. It is basically a square arena with three big pillars in it. You will be hugging these pillars throughout most of the minigame, so familiarize yourself with them.
The Infernal Monsters spawn in nine locations in the arena, in such a way that you can stay safe behind one of the pillars no matter the wave you’re on (you are most likely to use the northern one for the cover).
How to Clear Inferno
There are a total of 69 waves of monsters in the Inferno minigame. Each of these waves is more difficult than the last and at certain waves, you will face new challengers bent on destroying you.
This will force you to change your tactics depending on the new addition and the wave, so make sure to keep a mental note of wave number to react quickly when the next one starts.
There are nine types of monsters you will encounter in the Inferno. Two types are healers and the other seven are damage dealers. Monsters that deal damage can be safe spotted and played around while healers can be distracted and dispatched of without getting to do much healing.
Nibblers are pesky little pests whose entire goal is to ruin any positioning strategy involving pillars. Once spawned, they will move to a pillar and nibble on it until it is destroyed. Pillars are essential for clearing the Inferno so a player will always have to prioritize Nibblers. Thanks to Nibblers spawning in groups and having low Hitpoints they are extremely vulnerable to Area of Effect spells and attacks.
Bats can be safespotted just behind the pillar. Their attacks deal minor damage but they also drain stats. You want to get hit by them as little as possible. Bat attack range is four squares. Keep this in mind when moving so that you keep the Bats where you want them to be. You can also use other monsters to get Bats stuck behind them.
We hope you will find this little guide of ours useful on your Inferno runs. If you die once or twice, don’t make a big deal out of it – nobody completed the Inferno on their first attempt. We wish you good luck and go get that pet! If you ever run out of supplies trying to beat it you can buy some runescape gold and rs gold from RS3gold.
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